Meet the Chef: Richard Hull

Chef Richard Hull started cooking with his grandfather at the age of four, and has over 20 years experience as a professional chef. After opening and running 12 restaurants in Oklahoma, two of those his own, he is now focusing on teaching compassionate and sustainable living skills, and preparing delicious and healthy food from plants through A Broken Angel. His food has been described as New Southern American with a French inspired Pacific NW mountain flair.



Meet the co-creator: Barbara Troyer

Barb is a facilitator for changemakers and organizations doing good in the world. In addition to creating A Broken Angel with Chef Richard Hull, her major clients include a farmed animal sanctuary and a center teaching nonviolent communication skills. Barb earned an M.A. in Humane Education and is working on a book project exploring the compelling transformation stories of animal activists. She's also the co-host of All Things Vegan Radio and co-executive director of VegNet Bend.