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All Things Vegan explores a variety of issues relating to food, animal, and environmental concerns in Bend, Oregon, and around the world. The show airs every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 5-6 p.m., on Bend’s Community Radio station, 88.9 KPOV Community Radio. Concept created by Barb Troyer and Judy Petullo. After co-hosting and producing the show for many years, Barb stepped back to concentrate on other endeavors and to allow new co-hosts a chance to contribute.


Dr. Brenda Johnson is a licensed, board certified Internal Medicine physician with 20 years’ experience caring for adult patients in primary care outpatient and hospital settings. She operates a lifestyle medicine clinic in Bend, through which she works with patients to find their health through plant-based nutrition. Brenda offers individual and joint coaching and classes. See Brenda's recommendations for the best books, websites, and cookbooks that advocate a whole foods, plant-based diet along with a healthy lifestyle.


VegNet Bend is a local vegan resource group that hosts educational and social events such as potlucks, speakers, film screenings, wellness jumpstarts, vegfests, etc. VegNet's active Facebook group is the best way to see what's happening around Central Oregon. Barb was on the board as Co-Executive Director for many years. She gave up her position on the board to put her energies into A Broken Angel and consulting for nonprofits.